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Firefly Landscape Lighting in Wilmington, NC

Several years ago, my wife and I were interested in landscape lighting for our home. For years, our routine would be to head up to our local box store and purchase solar lights to install around our property as backyard lighting. These lights would work fine for a while if they were placed in areas with adequate sun to charge. However, most of these lights would not stay on for too long, and all would eventually need replacement. We decided to investigate low voltage. The quotes we received from various companies were extreme. Quotes from as little as a few solar lights to major custom designs.

Of course, prices ranged from affordable to out-of-bounds expensive. We started researching processes, products, and applications for months! Based on the coastal environment we live, choosing fixtures and transformers is very important for the longevity of landscape lighting. We decided to take on our project personally. What started as a family project has evolved into a passion.

We have created a subdivision of Crawlspace Concepts called Firefly Landscape Lighting, which up to this point, has been providing mostly installation for existing customers who have already come to us for help with their crawl space ventilation. Why can’t every home have reliable, efficient low voltage landscape lighting? We at Firefly believe all homes can and should! Landscape lighting isn’t just for fancy homes; it makes all homes fancy!

Why LED Low-Voltage Landscape Lights?

  • Security – Lighting pathways and perimeter
  • Value – All fixtures, bulbs (lamps) and transformers have a lifetime warranty
  • Efficiency – Run 10 low voltage fixtures for the cost of one 50W bulb
  • Safety – Lighting stairs and walkways
  • Beauty – Home, trees and bushes can be illuminated
  • Property Value – Enjoy after-dark use
Landscape Lights

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Firefly Landscape Lighting’s Concept

What is the Firefly’s concept?

Basically, it’s a conceived application and approach to the illumination of landscapes, homes and businesses.

  • Dream big at first! Design and map your project as if money was no issue. Why? This approach will allow you to figure out the power sources needed and the size of underground grid wire needed to reach and handle voltage (electricity dissipates over distance). If you wish to add to your system later, you shouldn’t have to replace components you have already paid for.
  • Fully understand what you are trying to accomplish with the lighting
    • Beauty
    • Safety
    • Security
    • Efficiency

Knowing this will help with choosing the proper fixtures and, most of all, placements!

  • Be sure to choose fixtures that will hold up to the environment in which they will be used. For coastal areas, it’s advised stainless steel, copper, or brass for landscape lighting.

Our Services

  • Layout & mapping for all optimal lighting display
  • All fixtures, LED bulbs & transformers come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
  • High-performance solid brass & copper fixtures
  • Size-appropriate stainless-steel transformers with room to grow

If you are looking for innovative landscape lighting or backyard lighting for your home, please contact us today.