April 11, 2021

Garrett Small

"True art in their work - a company who loves the business with passion and the work reflects it. No one else to use."
March 12, 2021

Linda McCuskey

"Crawlspace concepts is an excellent company. Crawlspaces are scary places and Scott and his team came in and my crawlspace is clean, and energy efficient. We had an old house that is being remodeled and Scott leveled some floors, installed dehumidifiers, and more. Scott and his team are amazing and the scope of work that was done and the transformation is incredible. He explained everything and the whole experience was a effortless. Use crawlspace concepts and your house will be healthier and you will be happy with everything their team does."
February 21, 2021

Adrienne Strain

"We had a wonderful experience with Scott and his team of professionals for our large crawl space area. They have 16 years of experience and are incredibly knowledgeable. They treated us like family and walked us through each step of the process to ensure we understood and felt comfortable. We received top notch service and an amazing final product for a reasonable cost."
January 6, 2021

James Carns

November 22, 2020

Tom Greene

"Very pleased with my overall experience. Appreciated the guidance through the decision process and extremely pleased with the results. The before and after images in reality are better than I expected. Professional Staff and crew."
October 25, 2020


"They really do rate a 5.0Mark and Dan were points of contact on this job. An inspection was done, and it was recommended that we address moisture in the crawlspace, which was already low, but needed a technology to keep it stable and not subject to change due to existing vents surrounding the crawlspace.Rather than propose the most expensive method, they worked around repurposing existing conditions, and came up with a solution that was affordable and met our expectations.An older existing vapor barrier was already covering our crawlspace dirt floor, but an extra barrier was put in place and tuned up. The technicians then pulled out all the old insulation material, which was dirty in areas from being close to the old existing exhaust vent fans. The insulation material and support rods were all removed, and they cleaned that up too.Following this, they did a very thorough wipe down of the floor joists, applying an antibacterial solution designed to prevent biofilm from forming, killing any existing biofilm in place. This is well worth the expense.They also installed a tough, insulated PVC doorway after removing the existing steel frame (which has always been a hazard, and rusting away).I checked the entire crawlspace, and found the work was very efficient, and they cleaned up the vapor barrier too before leaving. Kudos to this team of experts. They removed all debris and waste from their worksite.In closing, I would highly recommend Crawlspace Concepts to anyone "gunshy" about hiring contractors, especially for this type of work. If you have a crawlspace in a high humidity index region, like NC, SC, VA. - you really need to insulate, or encapsulate your crawlspace, and dehumidify.Failing to do so, when selling your home, expect downgrade on your crawlspace from the home inspector. Go cutting edge to avoid problems"