February 19, 2016

Amy Phillpis

"Don't know where to begin and to tell you the money we spent to correct a foul smell in our house. On a referral, we called Crawlspace Concepts. It's been 4 weeks after the work was completed and I can't express the gratitude I have for this company. I can breath, walk into my home without gagging and invite others over without apologizing before they came concerning the odor. We fought this battle for 4 years. We've replaced the air conditioner, cleaned the air vents, installed a GPS system and finally a sealed the crawlspace and purchased dehumidifier. NOTHING worked Crawlspace Concepts came in, assessed the problem, corrected the poor work of other contractors and we FINALLY have a fresh smelling home! Can not express enough my gratitude. If you want quality work and a good assessment on how to correct your issues, this is the company to call! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
August 19, 2015

Rich Williams

"Scott may have been the best sub-contractor that I have ever worked with…was very patient with me, helping me to understand all the nuances of “mold” and mold control…their company is capable and experienced (believe he told me that they have serviced some 2,000+ homes in this area) in handling everything there is to do with mold, from the simplest of problems to the most complex and difficult. He didn’t try to up-sell me on anything, in fact, just the opposite, I kept questioning/pushing him on what all needed to be done, and again he took the time to explain to me exactly what our problems were, and exactly what needed to be done…no more, no less. The quality of the materials and the quality of their workmanship was very evident…I highly, and without reservation, recommend them!"
July 25, 2015

AC King, Hampstead, NC

"Words can't describe how happy I am with the work that was completed at my home last fall! We are in the hottest part of the season and have just had a good bit of rain and my crawlspace is perfect! I had constant moisture issues for years. I interviewed multiple companies and they could never explain what the problem really was or how it could be resolved. They didn't have a problem though giving me outrageous quotes to perform "some type" of work. I finally found Scott and his group and suddenly everything was crystal clear. He told me exactly what the problem was in scientific terms as well as breaking it down in layman's term so I could understand. He explained how the problem could be resolved and what I could expect once the job was complete. The job was completed in a very timely manner and they were not only professional and courteous but down right friendly! The job required an electrician to come out to complete some final work and when it was completed Scott called to make sure that everything was working correctly and I was happy with the work. Thank you for being true professionals and providing wonderful customer service! There should be more folks out there like you. Stop interviewing folks.... just call Scott!"
July 2, 2015

David DesMarais

"If you are like me, I knew I had a problem under my house that needed to be resolved and I needed to be educated to what needed to be done. Both of those things were done expertly by Crawlspace Concepts. Firstly, it will be well worth your time to have Scott Gales come out and appraise your situation. He is a wonderful man; honest, personable and very knowledgeable. In a half hour, more likely an hour because he will have a few stories to tell that will be really amusing, you will understand your situation, you will know what needs to be done and you will feel confident that you have found the right company for you. When he and his crew show up they are all professional, polite, and friendly; they go to work and do the job right. They are organized and they do not leave any mess or loose ends. They are very respectful of your property. My house is now at around 50 percent relative humidity, (Use to be 85 – 90) the crawl space is usually much cooler than the outside air in the summer and much warmer in the winter. This means a lot of savings in heat and air expenses. I have saved a lot of money. It used to be frightening to go under the house; I couldn’t imagine what might be under there. Now it is very comfortable and feels safe. The difference is amazing. Scott can tell you about all of the other benefits, savings and the specific details for your particular situation. There are a lot of people and companies out there that do this type of work, but to my mind there are none that can really compare with Scott Gales and Crawlspace Concepts. If you need someone you can trust, someone who is honest and has integrity, someone you know will do the job right; well, that someone is Scott Gales and Crawlspace Concepts. Call him and see for yourself. David DesMarais. Hampstead, NC"
April 10, 2015

Ken & Kitzie S.

"We are extremely pleased with the product and work done by Scott and his company. They were prompt, efficient and professional. We highly recommend them"
March 15, 2015

Larry and Ava Simmons

"Just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with the improvements you and your team made to our home. The crawlspace humidity now stays in the mid 40% to low 50% range constantly and our air conditioner doesn't seem to run as much on the warmer days. I've also noticed the floors don't have a tacky feel to them like before. I'm sure removing the water helped with that problem. Overall, Ava and I couldn't be more pleased other than waiting so long to have the remediation performed. You can use this e-mail as a testimonial if you wish as we will definitely recommend Crawlspace Concepts to anyone needing crawlspace remediation. Thanks again for the great work and professionalism. Regards, Larry and Ava Simmons Bladenboro, NC"