August 12, 2013

Rick & Patty M.

"Scott just wanted to let you know that our electrician completed the job. We have a GFIC breaker in our panel dedicated to the sump pump and dehumidifier. The temperature is hanging around 74 degrees and the humidity is at 51%. I am extremely happy with how this job turned out. I also re-plumbed the sump pump output into a 4X2 'Y' that is connected to the downspout. This will allow the water from under the house to drain right out to the front ditch. Thanks again"
May 1, 2013

Charles R.

"Thanks for coming out to take a look at my house. I could tell you were who I wanted doing the work before you even quoted me the price. Thanks again"
April 2, 2013

"Thanks Scott. I didn't have to call, he called me and came by today. All set, very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend Oceanside as well as Crawlspace Concepts. Thanks again."
March 27, 2013

Paul W.

"It was a real pleasure speaking with someone who truly knows their business and the science behind it. This will help us out greatly and we are most appreciative. We will be more than happy to provide recommendations in any form you would find useful and we will definitely ask our realtor to recommend you and CrawlSpace Concepts for any future needs in homes they are listing/selling in the Southport area. Thanks again. Best regards."
March 11, 2013

"Scott Gales did mine. I think he is the best. He has done several in Magnolia Greens"
June 14, 2012

""Thanks so much for your help. You truly are a professional and it is obvious you know your business. You certainly have my full recommendation and I will share that with all agents! With Kind Regards.""