December 11, 2014

Tim & Lorie Gardner

"Scott and his team are beyond professional, they truly care about making your home more efficient, and ultimately a healthier place to live. We searched for months for a company that could answer our questions about the advantages of investing in a crawlspace. Scott was the ONLY person who could give scientific explanations of why and how he and his team could help us lower our electric bills AND improve our quality of life -- as we suffer from allergies and asthma. In fact, we now refer to him as “Dr. Scott”. Within in a day after our new crawlspace was installed, we slept through the night without coughing, sneezing. And we should mention that our crawlspace was less than 12 inches high in some places! Very tight squeeze. Today, our new crawlspace is so clean we have found ourselves showing it off to visiting friends and family. Seriously. And the hygrometer? It's an electronic device that monitors the temp and humidity under your house, allowing you to know immediately if there’s a water issue, HVAC problem etc. — possibly the best house bling ever. We highly recommend Crawlspace Concepts. Thanks to Dr. Scott, we now appreciate our 102 year old historic home again!"
January 6, 2014

Jorey P., DDS

"Scott and his team did a superb job in installing our barrier and dehumidifier last winter. Our crawlspace moisture and humidity are now under control and our hardwood floors seem warmer during the winter."
October 12, 2013

Cornelia R.

"We are extremely happy with the work and the moisture level continues to drop. All the best, Nini and Chunky"
September 5, 2013

Terry P.

"FYI, our humidity level in the crawl space seems to have stabilized at 55%. Thanks again for your professionalism and hard work."
September 4, 2013

John W. and Ann G.

"Scott and his team (along with Oceanside Electrical) were just great. Our house already smells so much better. Humidity levels are just where we were told they would be. Thanks for everything."
August 12, 2013

Rick & Patty M.

"Scott just wanted to let you know that our electrician completed the job. We have a GFIC breaker in our panel dedicated to the sump pump and dehumidifier. The temperature is hanging around 74 degrees and the humidity is at 51%. I am extremely happy with how this job turned out. I also re-plumbed the sump pump output into a 4X2 'Y' that is connected to the downspout. This will allow the water from under the house to drain right out to the front ditch. Thanks again"